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So, this is my first SYTYCD recap blog. I love the show, long time viewer (girlfriend back in high school got me into it, and I’ve been hooked ever since!) first time writer. Enjoy!

All the dances are on YouTube in great quality, Search, “SYTYCD S9 (Top 20 Part 2).” If you missed episodes, you can watch the dances there. You just need to search correctly. 🙂

My personal scoring = (Girl, Boy, Overall Dance)

#1 – Lindsay & Cole   (8, 8.5, 8.5)

Teeth, Lady Gaga – This routine was a basket of fun. I really enjoyed the fun of it. Cole took my attention with his crazy nerdy boy character. The facial expressions combined with an awesome outfit with suspenders and the whole works. #NerdAlert When watching Lindsay, she really rocks the moves .. Super sexy in this routine with her dirty dentist debauchery. Cole’s responses during the judge’s interviews were also quite entertaining as he stayed in character.

#2 – Amelia & Will   (9, 8.5, 9)

3326, Olafur Arnalos – This contemporary beauty of a piece was wondrous to watch. Started slow, and then just flowed into beauty and grace between these two perfect partners. The heel grab jumps brought out with the violins is so intense and the connection Amelia shows to her partner and the audience is fantastic. I gotta say that Sonya really nailed it on this one.. Dance to beat tonight.

#3 – Amber & Nick   (8, 8, 8)

Tangera, Sexto Mayor – This fiery routine was a ballsy Aladdin-esque dance of awesomeness.  Amber was fantastic on all of the lifts, floating through the air. “like a cobra, ready to pounce. – Nigel” Nick was bad ass. His form was impeccable. Mad props.

#4 – Audrey & Matthew   (8.5, 8, 8.5)

Hear Me Now, Steed Lorid – As usual, awesome lines and lifts with the tiny little #Jazzers. This was a dark piece with a sweet “stank step” which I thought was a spider walk. #VeryIntricateMove. Love Sonya’s choreography! Honestly, I lost track of Matthew while watching. Audrey really took the majority of my attention away. Props to her I suppose.

#5 – Janelle & Darius   (8, 8, 8.5)

My Girl, The Temptations – Wow that kiss at the end just stopped my heart for a second. Janelle really captures my attention, and I thought that Darius had a lot of sweet moves. Agree with the judges that they could have been more invested into their characters, but I thought that the actual dancing was great.

#6 – Janaya & Brandon   (7.5, 8, 7.5)

Bring on the Men, Linda Eder – Starting awesome. Facial expressions are really bringing in the story immediately. What was that insane upside down flippy thing?!?  Great commitment to the dance. Damn does Brandon have a great personality, especially in his eyes. “Stepped it up tonight” (haha… pun intended).

#7 – Eliana & Cyrus   (9, 8, 8.5)

I’m Shakin’, Jack White – Triple spinning splits is freaking crazy! I couldn’t tell what it was that I didn’t really dig about Cyrus… he’s too tight in the eupper body, his legs move like crazy but he doesn’t have the natural flow. Eliana is fantastic again. Longest legs I’ve ever seen, and you all know that I’m a sucker for a girl with long legs.

#8 – Alexa & Daniel   (8.5, 8, 8)

So Long My Friend, Yanni  – They’re rocking out in a bathtub. Very emotionally involved piece. The dancing was really awesome. Remember the bacon and the dog? Yeah, that was in full gear on this dance as well. Both Alexa and Daniel have the skills, but I haven’t been seeing the emotion. They will be around though, so they’ve got time to impress.

#9 – Tiffany & George   (8.5, 8, 8.5)

I Want To Be Loved, Sinead O’Connor – A ballroom number with a silky purple dress and I’m in. Legs, Oofta… George again looks graceful and judge-favoritey… Not my style though.. I just don’t feel it from him.. But overall, I was digging on that number. Wish I could do it..

#10 – Witney & Chehon   (8.5, 8.5, 8)

Tandav Music, Aatish Kapadia – A steamy red Bollywood dance number here. Chehon is killing it… such strength in his moves.. Both really have great form though. Digging it. Witney has definitely been growing on me, and this “red Genie” outfit is definitely sexy. Very nice, but not hot tamale train worthy.

Now time for the eliminations. It is very sad to see Alexa go home, she was one of my pre-show favorites, although after watching both of her dances, I was not impressed with her routines. Nick and Daniel leaving did not surprise me too much at this stage, but I definitely give an edge to the girls again this year out of the gate.

Anyway, no major favorites yet, but those that stood out to me tonight, Amelia for sure. I loved Cole’s character, so funny and perfect for him. Eliana really shined again. Her lines with those dynamite legs are amazing. Those are my top three currently, but it always changes as the season progresses.

That is all for now folks .. See you next week!

Chatter Closing.

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