Chatter Commencing.

Oh hey kids. I am so excited to watch this week’s episode!!! Going to be a crazy night of dancing!! Let’s get right into it … Dancers, to the stage.

Tiffany & George

Out of My Mind, B.o.B. feat. Nicki Manaj – This Nappy-Tab routine was very fun… George was pretty rocking for this hip-hop song but I agree with Nigel that it needs to get grungier. Tiffany rocked the show. She had phenomenal facial expressions. Kickin’ outfits as well, super bright, and Tiff’s pants were hilarious. #BoyCrotch — (8.5, 8, 8)

Amber & Brandon

Dr. Feelgood (Love is a Serious Business), Aretha Franklin – Amber completely carried this routine. She was absolutely gorgeous, seriously the most attractive of the girls on this season at this point. She’s got the most dynamic dance skills; her long legs stretch for miles. She floats in the air during lifts, perfect to match with Brandon’s strength. It showed that Brandon was a stepper, as his feet couldn’t keep up with Amber, but other than that, he did a great job portraying the character. — (9, 8, 8.5)

Janelle & Darien

Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen – Hey, I just watched this … and it was crazy … a decent number … it’s ballroom baby! The routine was pretty good. Darien’s lifts were pretty good and Janelle was still super sexy and the pair had some good lifts, but nothing bounced out at me in this one but the music and the hips. – (8, 7.5, 8)

Lindsay & Cole

Wild Horses, Charolette Martin – This contemporary routine was so awesome! Probably my favorite piece so far, because both dancers were actually awesome in my opinion. Lindsay grew up before our eyes in this one. Cole, again, was so precise to the point of being perfection. He’s definitely up there in my top men. – (9, 9, 9)

Amelia & Will

You! The Creatures – Holy Canoli! I freaking loved that! I think that Will brought out some new moves that he hadn’t had back in the past. Amelia was like Mohammed Ali in this one – like a butterfly floating around on the great lifts and stinging like a bee with the bouncy steps in the choreography. Unfortunately, like Nigel, I thought that the two of them did not have that great connection like usual, possibly because the routine didn’t offer enough face to face action to really bring that connection in. – (9, 8.5, 8)

Audrey & Matthew

Cinco Salsa, Sverre Indris Joner/Hsc/Kork – Kat Deeley had her first interesting comment mentioning the Ron Burgundy-esque Jazz flute in the music. The dance was not super smooth, but the actual tricks were very entertaining to watch. Both Audrey and Matt were good but not great. Not hot tamale train worthy. – (7.5, 8, 7.5)

Witney & Chehon

I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston – O hot damn!! That was my jam! Witney and Chehon just took that fucking crown for tonight (w/ Cyrus still having a hiphop routine coming up). Chehon’s lifts defied gravity. Wit murdered this, despite being out of her style. The run to sky high lift right as Whitney Houston belted out the first “I will always love you” was unbelievable. I will be voting for both unless something crazy happens in the next dance. – (9.5, 9.5, 9.5)

Eliana & Cyrus

Toxic, District 78 feat Cheesa – A very strong routine indeed, but I don’t know if it was as good as the previous one. Cyrus was ungodly in his “robot” character. Not a single time did he look like a human. He stole the majority of my attention, but when Eliana did take it away, she was impressive indeed. As usual her dancing was fantastic, and she really did drop some swag onto our faces. – (8.5, 8.5, 8.5)

The only thing left in this show is the voting and here it comes already… this is just a really shitty way to watch the show. Sucks to lose someone without that night to vote on this week’s dances. It is like their performances this week don’t matter tonight. None of the three girls (Eliana, Lindsay, & Amber) in the bottom three this week were out of the top 5 for this week’s performances, yet all fell out of it. I can’t disagree with the three boys (Darien, Brandon, & George) though… All of them are rightfully there… I don’t know why all of them aren’t doing solos, but I dislike it.

After watching the solos, I’m left wondering why only four of the six performed solos.. my best guess is that the two that didn’t were already safe in the opinions of the judges, but we’ll see.

After the voting, Amber had to go home, which is so unfortunate because her dance tonight was phenomenal. She is dedicated, a fighter, and she will never give up. And by the way, I’d love to take her out to dinner if I could.
Brandon was the bottom dancer, and I agree with that one. His attitude and personality are one of the best in all of the dancers this season. His stepping is great, but his dance skills really aren’t at the same level as the rest of the men.

It was a very fun show tonight, and I am very disappointed that we’ll be off for two weeks due to the Olympics.
U! S! A!

Until the curtain rises.

Closing Chatter.

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