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Chatter Commencing

Welcome back! After the U.S.A. men and women took care of business in the Olympics, it is finally back to our favorite thing to watch, #SYTYCD

So I am too excited for this full episode of Mia Michaels masterpieces. The lovely Ms. Deeley let slip there was a door, a bench and a bed… I’m hoping for re-runs of the Kherington/Twitch Bed of Roses dance, the Twitch/Katee Door dance and the Travis/Heidi Bench Dance… If those three turn out to be the ones, we’re in for a hell of a show.

Eliana & Cyrus

Mercy, Duffy – Damn!!! Door dance immediately! Love it!!!!! – Not going to lie, that was pretty fantastic … I don’t know if I can fully appreciate it because it was different than the original, but the thing is it was good different. Cyrus entertained with the facial expressions and fully playing the character. Also, he really brought some awesome sauce to this routine, especially with the baller double time body rolls against the door! Eliana was such a badass biotch (I’d tap that character) and again, she stretched those unbielievably long legs out on the wondrous leaps and bounds. Proud of them. (9, 8.5, 8.5)

Tiffany & George

This piece includes the awesome assisted run from Joshua & Katee. This is going to be schweet! – Tiffany continues to impress as we are going along.  She keeps growing and she is some beastly attitude. George again played the perfect partner. He just seems to do everything correctly, but he is one of the best dancers “technically” speaking. Overall, I don’t think the dance showed off their skills enough. (8.5, 8.5, 8.5)

Amelia & Will

Koop Island Blues, Koop – A dance all about the booty? the badonkadonk? The tush? the keister? the a$$! Gotta be a classic. – Will is another one of those characters that just keeps growing and growing… each week getting better. He really rocked this one, playing the ass-man role to its best! Amelia didn’t bring enough bounce to her butt, but her dance steps were really strong. Not her best performance though. (8, 8.5, 8)

Janelle & Dareian

Dreaming with a broken heart, Cold Play – F#$K YES!!!!!!! I think that this dance was as good as the first.. Dareian might actually have been a bit stronger than Twitch. Janelle didn’t really have the chance to shine too much, as this is a male dominated piece. However, being one of my favorite pieces of all time, I thought that they nailed it! They brought something new to the table, especially Dareian’s 360 on the bed that came out of nowhere and earned him my first 9.5 of the season. (8.5, 9.5, 9)

Audrey & Matthew

Time, Billy Porter – That was easily one of the most emotional pieces for me of the night. The judges are tearing it apart, but I disagree with their opinions. I thought that thy were really good. Matthew really came across as the fatherly role for me, but I also never saw the original dance. Audrey was a bit weaker than usual, but she still had great lines on her lifts and started it off beautifully with a pirouette. (8, 8, 8)

Witney & Chehon

Calling You, Celine Dion – That was only the second dance that Mia was legit proud of the dancers after they finished. Chehon was fantastic. This was his best performance of the season. Witney again was wonderful, getting stronger again and again, and each episode getting more and more attractive! Her dive off the bench was fantastic! (9, 9, 9)

Lindsay & Cole

Gravity, Sara Barielies – That was absolutely unbelievable. I officially have my favorite dancer. Cole was just breathtaking. He knocked the facials, the dancing, the lifts, the character, everything, right out of the park. Lindsay, not to be the second fiddle, rocked it right up there with him! Easily the best performance of the night, and if I thought giving away a 9.5 was a big deal, here come a pair more. (9, 9.5, 9.5)

Great night of dances, but here comes the cuts. L

And this is the worst. I hate that it is the cuts right away. This is the worst. Bottom six includes George, Amelia (she’s going to have to pull a big solo out of the booty), Janelle, Dareian, Lindsay and Matthew. Only two make it through, a guy and a girl. Before the solos, I’d say that George and Amelia will be the two to make it out, but that is just my guess.

After the solos: Amelia was very motionally strong, perfect lines, nothing special. Janelle should be in the solos round every week because those hips are damn sexy. Lindsay is someone that I bet could back lead the shit out of me. George was your typical contemporary dancer with great form and fluidity and strength behind the moves. Dareian brought his inner Denzel out in this saucy solo. Matthew shouldn’t be in the bottom cause his Gosling look-a-like-ness should be scoring lots of votes.

I honestly have no clue who they’re going to be getting rid of now! I gotta think that it will be Lindsay and George to make it … And the judges have reached a verdict! The girl that is safe is indeed Lindsay. Sad to see both of my favorite girls going into tonight go home in the same episode, Amelia’s quirky personality and Janelle’s hip tossing sexiness. And for the men, it is also my call, George makes it through leaving one of my favorite boys Dareian to walk off the stage forever, arm in arm with Ryan Gosling incarnated in a dancer, Matthew.

Well, that is our episode tonight. I’ll be voting for Cole and Witney tonight.

Until the curtain rises.

Closing Chatter.

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