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Your Favorite Smell… and What it Says about You

Chatter Commencing.

So everyone has that smell where their body kind of pauses and thenbacon rises up a bit, soaking in the delicious aroma. It could be the tangy burst of a freshly cut lemon. It might be the crisp scent of fall air and football on a Saturday morning in October. You might favor the promise of hot-out-of-the-oven cookies. Whatever your nose desires, it’s a great moment when you catch a whiff.

Now, if I personally brewed up a batch of Amortentia, I, like Hermione, would smell Freshly Mown Grass. However, my other favorites include School Bus Exhaust and the smell of Autumn. Each of these things shows a bit about my character and personality.

So, what do your favorite smells really say about you?

Freshly Mown Grass

You are likely an outdoorsy person. You’re likely to be a go-getter, someone who has a strong drive for activities, but also has that free hippie-ish vibe. You value hard work and you really value people who put in a good effort all the time. Quite possibly you’re a Hufflepuff.

A Really Fancy Cologne or Perfume

You’re a bit materialistic, but that’s okay. You like money. You like things. Everyone has a materialistic thing at times, but we keep it in check. However, if you love yourself a fancy cologne, you probably are also drawn to a suit and a fat wallet. I’m not going to lie, it’s quite a Slytherin preference.

School Bus Exhaustknowitall

This smell brings out the mom/dad in a lot of us. It’s a smell that takes you back to the school yard and all the buses lined up and waiting. It shows off you appreciation of education, and how it can really make the country grow. You probably care about teaching people, and you want to educate anyone about anything. You are probably a bit of a know-it-all. You might be Hermione.


It’s a smell of energy and excitement. You’re probably a big extrovert and like to be out with people in fun places. You probably enjoy sports, not guaranteed, but probably. You’re probably going to get along with people that are genuinely nice to you. You’re trusting. Charcoal is definitely a Gryffindor smell.

Ocean Breeze

You’re a dreamer. You like to escape away to the best of times. Constantly a glass-half-full person, you’re also everyone’s go to for a pick me up. You’ll never let people on the outside see your sadness. You also probably love to be cooked for.


The aroma of the dirt when rain first starts is so fresh and clean. It brings about it a new face of innocence. You’re likely appreciative of the rain smell most when you need to wash away a recent mistake. You likely enjoy nature and quite possibly practice yoga or tai-chi. You likely have a vivid memory, and really enjoyed playing games outdoors with the neighbor kids growing up.

Bath & Body Works

You have a lot of individual flair and style, but you still like to operate within the comfortable norms of society. You’re not likely to be too out-there on anything, but you’re quick and witty enough to bring personality to commonalities. You thrive in groups because you can both follow directional cues and take charge, depending on the situation.

Hazelnut Coffee

You’re likely a high-energy person. You love your Starbucks in the morning and probably are a bit of a work-out nut. You’ll also be into fashion, constantly the envy of your friends. You bring a bit of pep and excitement with you constantly, but are likely one who needs a companion for comfort, instead of seeking reflective alone time.

The Pages of an Old Book

You walk into a bookshop and just stand there, smelling the blissful escape that is your world. You’re probably a ravenclaw. You also have a wild imagination, and likely get into a bit of trouble when you’re not nose-deep in your latest novel.

Whatever your favorite smell, my interpretations of you are probably way off. It is impossible to judge someone completely based on one characteristic. However, I tend to think that smells are a key indicator of personality. And I’d love to know what makes you stop, whether to smell the roses or just to enjoy the fluttering smell of the bakery down the street.

Closing Chatter.

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10 Things I Love About Women (pt. I)

Chatter Commencing.

So men out there love a lot of different things about women. There are your typical men who love a nice set of hooters or a little junk in the trunk. But this list is more of a featurette of less commonly spotted, yet completely sexy characteristics about girls/women that I, the Space Cowboy, find to be devastatingly attractive.

This is also going to be a growing piece, with only 10 new ideas at a time. When I’ve got 10 new ones, each new set will be published! So, without any more bustling chit-chat, here we go!

1. I love the way you ladies run across the street in heels when the walk sign is blinking. It’s like a half-run, half-walk clippity clop that just makes you look hilariously adorable.

2. Not all of them are sexy, but a girl with a slightly raspy voice just gets my blood pumping.

3. A girl who rocks a baseball cap and a pony-tail. It’s such a simple look, but topped off with a brewers jersey, and I’m sold.

4. A sporty girl. I’m a huge sports fan/avid player of activities, so someone who can keep up with me on the volleyball court gains a lot of points.

5. At the same time, I’m also a big fan of the girl who can’t play a sport to save her life, but she’s always there to support her friends and the team. It’s such an emotional appeal.

6. I love a girl who will rest her hand out the window when riding in a car and do the whole, waves in the air thing. Such a free-spirit type of action that not everyone does.

7. I love pale/porcelain skin. A girl that has that has a rocking tan is also awesome, but there is just something about that pale-ness that is just so sexy!

8. I love a girl who has normal girl fingernails. Too long and they become a sign of a tart. Too short and they lose attraction. I like them painted (matching their outfit for certain occasions, like a wedding, is a major bonus).

9. I have always been a sucker for a girl who can dance. Both serious girlfriends were on dance teams, but it’s more than just the ability. It’s that I also love to dance, and when I have someone who I dance with consistently, the chemistry grows along with my feelings.

10. I know that everyone who has read a single article of mine already knows this, but a Harry Potter nerd is always winning. I could probably talk about the books, watch the movies, or listen to the soundtracks anywhere, anytime, with anyone. The girl who wants to join, is my girl. Also, if you’re Emma Watson, it doesn’t hurt your chances.

Stay tuned in in the future for other things I find to be turn-ons, from the sundress to the smile, you’ll find them all here.

Closing Chatter.

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A Letter to that Girl

Chatter Commencing.

Hey girl. I’m sorry I was the oddest person in the world last night. I met you one time like two years ago, when you had a boyfriend, and at the time, I was all, “Dayyyummm girl, you are the perfect woman!” Anyway, I remembered your name from that one encounter, and when I bumped into you last night, I totally freaked you out by knowing who you were.

The thing is, I put you up on a pedestal 3 years ago, despite only talking to you for a couple hours. You were applying to be in the same school of journalism that I was in, and we talked about your love of sports, journalism, and communications. I was enamored by your quick wit and vast knowledge of athletics.

We chatted until bar close, but because you had a boyfriend, I decided to say my goodbye, and leave it as a random, perfect encounter. Similar to Buttercup‘s idea with the Drum-roll.

The problem was, when I saw you again last night, you were still “perfect” because we never went past the aforementioned drum-roll.

And unfortunately, albeit understandably, you didn’t remember me. I was just a dude you met at a bar while dating your long-time boyfriend. I never got your number or talked to you again in 3 years. But when I saw you last night, I experienced a rush of revertigo, remembering the conversation immediately.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry that I sounded like a babbling, bumbling band of baboons. And when I bump into you in three more years, I’ll try not to be such a prat.

Closing Chatter.

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10 Reasons you should Hook Up with the Nice Guy

Chatter Commencing.

DISCLAIMER: This post is R-rated. If you’re a young reader or my mother, now is the time to stop reading this post…. For the rest of you, enjoy!

There are a lot of assholes out there that are great at getting laid. They know how to manipulate girls into bed, and usually, they’re pretty decent between the sheets. Ladies, I’m sure you’ve been with at least one of these guys in the past. I’m here to tell you to give the non-asshole a chance. This is an ode for all the nice guys out there that don’t get to put their P in a V as much as they’d like.

I’m not referring to the guy you are friends with who ACTS nice to get you into bed. He thinks being nice will work. That guy is different. I’m referring to the genuinely nice guy, who isn’t trying to get out of the friend zone. You just met him, and he’s not an asshole. That’s the guy you should bang… Why you ask? Well, here are 10 reasons why you should hook up with a Nice Guy.

1. The nice guy isn’t going to play mind games when you text him. He’s going to respond to your message with his actual feelings, wants and desires. And he’s not going to try to diabolically get your panties off through texting warfare.

2. An asshole will not call you the day after hooking up, the day after that, or even a week later… He will text you at 1:30 in the morning, asking to buy you a shot in exchange for a shot at you. On the flip-side, the nice guy is going to shoot you a text the next afternoon saying something like, “hey, I had a really fun time last night. I was wondering if you’d want to get together for a drink in the near future.” Maybe you don’t want that drink, but at least you’re not being ignored.

3. Have you ever dealt with an asshole who doesn’t reciprocate in the oral department? You just spent ten minutes trying to get his flaccid penis up, and he won’t even put his lips on your downstairs. The nice guy is going to want to return the favor, instead of just plowing you and rolling over. He’ll care about your needs in the bedroom, and while he may lack confidence originally before getting you between the sheets, once he’s there, he makes up for it with a very determined tongue.

4. When you crash at the Nice Guy’s apartment, he’s going to want to make you breakfast. He’s not rushing you out the door because it’s the morning and he never wants to see you again. The nice guy is going to whip up a batch of pancakes, because he wants to “thank you” for your services. Unlike going out to dinner, making breakfast is after the goods have been shared. He still wants to care for you. The asshole won’t even want to share his bed once his needs have been fulfilled.

5. When you’re walking home from the bars at 2 A.M., in high heels and in the rain, the asshole is going to do nothing. The nice guy is going to take off his shoes, offer them to you, and then carry your heels. He doesn’t care about ruining a pair of socks. He just wants your feet to be in a little less agony.

6. When you’ve been with a nice guy a couple times, he’s willing to do things for you, even if it doesn’t get his dick wet. He’ll run to the store to pick up your favorite diet soda, because he wants to, not because he expects a blowie upon his return.

7. A nice guy actually cares about your opinion. Yes, it’s nice when your man steps up to the plate and has an entire date planned out, from the ride to the restaurant. However, the nice guy will ask you if you have preferences, making sure you’re not a huge hater of sushi before taking you to try it. It’s a small respect thing, but it’s nice to be on the receiving end.

8. You know that massage you need after a long day… the one that puts you in a relaxed state of mind? The one that is done without needing to bang the masseuse after? Yeah, that’s only coming from the nice guy.

9. A nice guy is going to get 5 of his friends to sit and take a survey for you, that you need to do for class, because you’re not very good at finding people. He’s always trying to help you out with the little things, because he gets his jollies off of other people’s happiness.

10. A nice guy is going to try the weird things in the bedroom. The asshole might as well, but whereas the asshole wants you to do his things, the nice guy will be open to yours.

In general, the nice guy wants to please you. The asshole wants to please himself. That’s the main difference. The problem with nice guys is that they’re beta males, and don’t have the cajones to make the moves. They’re waiting for you, and they’re likely going to be waiting until your biological clock starts ticking. That’s when the nice guys become THE guys.

So for you nice men out there, keep plugging along, you’ll find your sex kitten. And ladies, next time you’re out at a bar, and the shy guy has made eye contact with you a couple times, go up and introduce yourself. You never know when you’ll find your diamond in the rough.

Closing Chatter.

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The Final Love Song

Chatter Commencing.

This is a short story. It is completely fictional and any pictures chosen for it were merely the closest ones to my descriptions as I could find on Google. Enjoy!


Walking down by the docks, Taylor was doing her best not to be noticed. She was wearing a pale blue sundress and flip flops. Her hair was done up in an easy pony-tail and was covered by a big hat. Despite the nearly cloudless sky, it was a bit breezy on the pier, so she was also rocking a light brown jacket and matching sunglasses that covered nearly half her face.

She quietly walked past an old couple sitting on a bench and a young man fishing, to reach the end of the pier. She leaned out over the edge of the water, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying her break from the paparazzi. Subtly, she glanced back over her should to make sure their were no flashing cameras. Seeing no one, she twisted around to lean against the stone railing, the wind fluttering her hair around her shoulders.

She noticed the young man was now reeling hard, a look of determination on his face. He was wearing a flowing white button down shirt with a dirty Tee underneath. He had brown plaid pants on, and he was barefoot. Imagine Noah from The Notebook, but not as good looking.  She marveled at his flowing blond hair, narrow shoulders, and tanned skin. He had one foot up on the stone railing and was leaning back with his rod, his hands working the rod feverishly from side to side.

Unexpectedly, the tip of the rod whipped backwards, the line snapping. With a frustrated expression, the young man reeled in his remaining line and began stringing a new hook onto the end. As if he knew she was watching, his head snapped up and he looked right at her.

Forgetting that her face was hidden behind her bug-eyed glasses, Taylor flinched and spun around quickly on her heels. She heard a small snort, and prayed that he had not recognized her.

“Hey you over there!” shouted the young man across the dock. “Wanna try to catch the beast that just snapped my line?”

Taylor didn’t know how to respond. He didn’t appear to know her, and she hadn’t fished in ages. Deliberating, she decided it was worth the risk. She spun back around, this time on her toes, and started to walk over to him.

“Of course,” she said, flashing a grin. “But you might have to cast for me. I never could get the hang of it.”

“I can do that. My name is Sam. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Sam. I’m Taylor.”


Ding. Dong.

Taylor had butterflies as she skipped down the stairs of her Aunt’s country home to answer the door.

She hadn’t been out with someone who didn’t know who she was since before her first single was released, and frankly, she was excited to be have a blank slate.

Her afternoon had been fantastic. She and Sam had spent three hours chatting about the most obnoxious things while trying to catch fish on the pier. It turned out that he was from a small town in Wisconsin, and he grew up on a dead end road. His parents were big time classic rock fans, and he grew up listening to the likes of the Steve Miller Band, Queen and Journey. He never really got into country, but he liked some of the classics by Johnny Cash.

After debating music, the conversation turned to foods, sports and literature. She loved that he was a huge harry potter nerd, but they didn’t agree on which houses they were in. Sam stuck up for the Slytherins, defiantly stating that they had gotten a bad rap in the books.

“True Slytherins strive for personal success,” he explained. “Just because they are ambitious, does not mean that they are evil.” Taylor preferred the trustworthiness and kind demeanor of Hufflepuff.

They spent a while discussing what kinds of mischief and shenanigans they might get into if they were wizards. Throughout the afternoon, the conversation just seemed to flow. For Taylor, it had been fantastic not to talk about her life as an international celebrity.

A nervous titter was about her as she pulled the door open with a broad smile, “Hello Sam.”

“You look radiant,” Sam exclaimed, and his eyes truly meant it.

“Will this attire suffice?” she asked curiously. Sam had told her to wear something easy going, and she wondered what he had planned for their evening.

“Absolutely,” he replied. With a twirl of his hands, he asked, “shall we go then my lady?” in a terrible British accent.

“Is that the best you can do?” Taylor smirked, pulling the door closed behind her.


Smack! The balloon hit Sam right in the face, and he was drenched in a burst of cold water. He had just peeked up into the barn loft when Taylor shrieked, “Bombs Away!”

Spluttering, Sam launched a pair of balloons up at her, and then jumped up onto the ladder attached to the wall. Having dodged his two balloons, Taylor pelted him with several as he made his way up the wrungs of the ladder like a fireman. At the top of the stairs, he pivoted, turned and threw a balloon before she could duck.

Drenched and laughing, Taylor held up her left hand, waving a white flag in surrender. Sam lifted himself up onto the loft and sidled over to her slowly, grinning but not breaking eye contact. He was five feet out when she whipped her right hand from behind her back, heaving her last balloon.

It hit him right in the chest, and he coughed, “oh now, you’re in trouble!” Picking her up off her feet with his right arm, he held her tight against his chest, staring into her eyes. With his left hand he took his last balloon and burst it over her head. She gasped as the water fell over both of them, and then leaned down to kiss his firm and expectant lips.


Sam’s Proposal spent 14 weeks as the Billboard #1 song in 2015. Taylor never wrote another break-up song.

Closing Chatter.

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The Moves I Learned in College

Chatter Commencing.

DISCLAIMER – Part of this post is slightly R-rated. If you’re a young reader or my mother, now is the time to stop reading this post…. For the rest of you, enjoy!

Everyone who goes to college develops some signature moves that they work into regular life. For me, I can think of about 5 of them; some to get big men out of my face… others to get girls to suck on my face.  Anywho, here are the moves of the Space Cowboy.

The Sleeping Couple

So you’re trying to fall asleep with your girlfriend and she wants to cuddle. Everyone has been there. There’s not a lot you can do, but there are a couple options.

One. Tell her to get on her side of the bed. Very harsh, but the easiest way to comfortability. However, this one is high risk, and you could end up on the couch or curb if she gets testy… So I suggest the following.

Two. Suck it up and comfort your woman. She wants you to cuddle, so your most important move here is to position yourself for potential release. You need to get your arm under the pillow, under your head. Yes, I know you want to sprawl out, but by keeping this here, you allow yourself to pull it out if/when you want/need to later.

You spoon like a normal person for a while, but you feel that need to roll right? Your neck is a little sore, and you just need to stretch out for a second. Here’s what you do…

Keep the arm under the pillow, but half roll so rookieoftheyear1that your back is flat. It will almost feel like you’re Henry Rowengartner at this point. This next part is key.

Position your other arm across your stomach with your fingers gently grazing her back/side, just above her hip. Pretend to write words, as it will maintain a weird motion and feels really good for her.

With this technique, she still feels remarkably close to you when you slowly move around your fingers. And you get to look in the other direction, get that kink out of your neck, and not breathe in hair and warmth for a couple minutes. It’s as close to a win-win as you will ever get in cuddling.

The Sarah

This is by far my favorite move. But I might want to say that every time, so let’s take that with a grain of salt. The Sarah is the first kiss move, and may have spawned my desire to take a ballroom dancing class in college, (something I recommend to everyone, guy or girl).

Anyway, I met Sarah as a freshman, inebriated from a bout of dorm drinking, and basically looking to get my mack on. I found Sarah, who was equally intoxicated. She was a bit of a handsy one and liked to play with my fingers. I had her hands in mine, when suddenly the feeling to spin her overtook me.

It just felt right, and I lifted her left hand up with my right across her body. She went up onto her tip toes as she spun around. Halfway around the spin, I switched her hand from my right to left. With my left, I led her hand over my head, landing her fingers on my right shoulder, slightly around my neck. As she came around on the spin, my right hand found the small of her back, which was arching provocatively upwards, and I softly lifted her upwards.

My left hand came down and brushed the hair from her face, and we leaned in together. That first kiss was exotic, accidental, and full of sparks. I softly pushed her up against her dorm room door. I felt her melting in my arms, and wanted the kiss to last forever.

Then I hiccuped and realized I needed to use the bathroom, but not for #1 or #2… I never saw Sarah again after my vomit session, but I’ll always remember that first kiss, and the move that was born from it.

The Rule Seven

So I’ve always been a slightly effeminate dude, but when I got to college, for some reason, my flamboyance was more recognized. I have the nickname Cupcake in my big group of friends known as EZT (basically a sports frat with girls). Stay tuned in the future for the story on the nickname, but let’s just say that in this “anti-frat” I’ve earned a certain stigma. And that stigma is that I like men, sexually.

While this is completely false, I have never really cared that others like to make fun of me for it, since there should be nothing offensive about being gay. On top of that, I’m the youngest of three, so I’ve always been made fun of. I’m used to it. I actually sort of enjoy being teased, (Ladies, 😉 take note). captain

Off topic though… The Rule Seven comes from the phrase coined by EZT president, the Captain, who just so happens to be the lovely hombre to the right. Anyway, the phrase, “Rule 7” basically is said anytime I do something feminine, like crossing my legs while sitting or speaking in a high-pitch fake-girl voice. Anywho, I ended up creating a Rule 7 personality. Basically, when certain situations arise, I can flip the on switch to Rule 7 Steven.

The most common occurrence of the Rule 7 Me is when guys who could probably kick my ass, act like douchebags around my female friends. If some dude tries to hit on my roommate Kels, and she nods her head that she wants him gone, I flip the switch. I’ll slowly slide my hand down to his lower back and whisper something like, “you want to be in the middle of a Steven-Kels sandwich tonight?” and watch him high-tail it away. I know that acting flamboyant is a bit deceitful, but I enjoy making assholes uncomfortable, so sue me. Plus, when my roommate can avoid a sleaze in the process, it’s a win-win.

The Spin and Dip

While I can’t pinpoint the origin of my dancing kick, (Might itbondy have been Sarah?), the most amazing picture I’ve ever been in was at my first ever College Formal, with my favorite sorority, the Kappa Alpha Thetas. It was at this formal/dance that I discovered my true skills on the dance floor. I had more ballroom tenacity than the typical bro, and the girls around loved to be dipped. It’s not complicated stuff, but I’ve spent my college days asking girls to dance, and instead of grinding, I like to just toss a little ballroom in there.

I know this seems a bit weak, but when you think about the difference between you and the jerk who just wants to dry hump, you find that the Spin and Dip is a valiant and beautiful play.

The Gentleman

Just like the Sarah, the Gentleman was created out of accidental circumstances, but has become my go-to move in the boudoir. Most guys aren’t going to be able to rock the Gentleman, because it takes a significant amount of willpower, a frustrating case of whiskey-dick, or the lack of that all-mighty, mini-helmet.

This move was born during my freshman year, on Cinco de Mayo. Unlike the Sarah, the Gentleman led to my first ever college relationship, and also the best sex of my life so far. For her sake, we’ll just call the girl Mel; I know no one calls her this, and she hates it, so it’ll allow for anonymity. Mel is still a good friend, and although we didn’t work out as a couple, she was one of the more influential people I met in my younger college years.

Mel and I were in a class together, and had been flirting throughout the semester, although we’d never hung out together outside of class. Finally, I’d organized some extra-curricular volleyball with some friends and some other kids in the class. Mel and I played on the same team every game, flirting, bantering, and eyeing each other up.

Anyway, the two of us wanted to see each other again, but as an ickle freshman, I didn’t have the cajones to ask her out without liquid courage. Instead, I propositioned the group to a Cinco de Mayo drinking sesh at my place, which was quickly accepted by several people. Long story short, everyone else bailed. This led to Mel and I having some alone time.

After polishing off a couple of tequila shots, coronas and tacos, a bit of fooling around commenced. Her fingers flew over every inch of my body, feeling like a blind person reading Harry Potter for the first time. Our lips seemed glued together as we rolled around on the futon.

But I had a problem. I didn’t have a condom. I wasn’t about to have unprotected sex, and although we lived in a college dorm, where condoms should be flowing like wild, I didn’t really want to leave the room.

I am sure many of you are shaking your head thinking, what an idiot! But that’s not how it panned out. Instead of rushing into sex, I played the, ‘I want to wait for you until you’re ready’ card. She ate it up. We spent the night canoodling, chatting, and fooling around, but I never tried to push the envelope.

So, what’s the lesson to be learned from The Gentleman? If you’re going into the first night with a new fling, and you ASSUME you’re not going to have sex, it’s no let down when it doesn’t happen.

The point is, by coming in with the intent of asking to wait a night… You’re future holds many rewards, if and only if your other skills peak her interest. My lack of a condom led to us enjoying a steady relationship the rest of the year, then during the summer, and the following fall. I know a lot of people might have just gone ahead and slept with her, but I am so glad I did not. When it finally happened, it was the best sex I’ve ever experienced, and I owe it to what has become known as, The Gentleman.

That’s all she wrote folks… and by she, I mean he… #Rule7 #Ole!

For more interesting things, check me out on Twitter, @AtticChatter.

Closing Chatter.

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