Feelings that Need their own Word

Chatter Commencing.

There are a lot of times where you’re trying to find a word for your emotions, but unfortunately, the English language doesn’t have one. You end up sitting there with your tongue out, snapping your fingers and wordlessly mouthing words that are close, but just don’t cut it. As a writer, there is nothing worse than trying to express an emotion without the proper verbage. So, here are some of the feelings that I believe warrant their own word.

Jackson’s Dictionary, part 1.

little kid blurting.

Shaamony (noun, sha.mah.knee) – The feeling you get when someone is in the middle of a story, and you have the overpowering urge to interrupt and share your pressing opinion on the matter. As you age, you’ll begin to control your shaamony urges, although, it’s more about maturing and letting go, than simply getting older. The natural response to an increase in shaamony control will be your growing flizzado. ~~~ I was filled such strong shaamony when she commented about hump day, for I had just witnessed the funniest commercial ever and wanted to “Mike mike mike mike mike” them. (verb form is shaamonize).

Cariella (noun, car.ee.ella, w/ a rolled R)- The feeling you have when you are walking away after a fantastic first date. You’re feeling giddy, the butterflies are fluttering, and you are already picturing a bright future. ~~~ My love life is seriously pathetic. It has been ages since I felt even a twinge of cariella after a date

Flizzado (noun, Fli-zah-doe) – The disappointment you feel when you had something extremely pertinent to input into a conversation, but could not fit it in before the conversation changed. Typically, you sit on your juicy nugget of insight forever because there was no opening for it, and you are too nice to shaamonize the situation. ~~~ I was filled with flizzado when the topic changed to sports and I hadn’t chimed in with my Barney story.

Splanger (noun, ends like hanger not anger) – The feeling you get when the show you’ve been binging on Netflix comes to a sudden end. Your binge is crushed, and you are overcome with everything from exaltation to depression. ~~~ Just finished watching Breaking Bad, and I think I finally understand what John was saying about splanger.

Quirrly (noun, k.were.lee) – The mental erection you get when a stranger randomly brings up your favorite topic in a conversation. It’s a mix of elation and control, as you don’t want to let out your unbridled excitement. ~~~ I really thought she was a bitch, but then she mentioned Luna’s wit, and I was overtaken by a strong feeling of quirrly.

Fleurbed (noun, Like Delacour, it’s Fleur.bd) – The feeling of utter fullness and drowsiness that only comes after gorging on a huge meal. This is often noticed at the best holidays, including after the Fourth of July grill out or Thanksgiving dinner. ~~~ Dude, I am ridiculously fleurbed; your mom seriously knows what she is doing in the kitchen.

Friggly (noun, Frig.glee) – The feeling you have after waking up from a long night of drinking, and you miraculously don’t have a hangover. ~~~ The nine tequila shots, coupled with the dozen beers should have left me feeling like death, but honestly, I’m feeling friggly this morning.

Pergumbled (noun, per.gum.bulled) – The feeling of having a word sitting on the tip of your tongue, but not being able to think of it. ~~~ It’s like aaaahhh, type of ummmm, well shit, I am just so pergumbled right now, so forget it. I guess I’ll just go write a blog about all the times this has happened to me.

Stay tuned in the future for more words from Jackson.

Closing Chatter.

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2 thoughts on “Feelings that Need their own Word

  1. Michele

    !! I want pronunciations! These are great, They remind me of that post of words in other languages that don’t exist as words in English.

    • I got pronunciations added in to the definitions. And I think I know what you’re talking about, because I’ve had friends mention similar foriegn words for Fleurbed and Shaamony/Cariella.

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