About Me

Hello, my name is Jackson Street. But my friends call me the Space Cowboy. I am an avid lover of sports, Harry Potter, and Social Media. I’m also a bit wild, always optimistic, damn-near ineffable, vivaciously flamboyant and as always, completely eccentric. I love cooking, dancing, anything different/unique, and of course, I love to write.

An Eclectic of the Eccentric is the hodge-podge location for anything and everything I might have the itch to write on. Think Thought Catalog and you’re on the right track. You might encounter things like…

~ Harry Potter Things (I am an avid fan and love to write about the best novel series ever written).

~ Interesting Lists on a variety of topics (Think Thought Catalog)

~ Anything about my favorite Movies, TV Shows, Music, Literature, & basically anything else that would be a post the brings out the J-Street in my writing.

~ Random articles on the sports world. I love the Packers, Badgers, Brewers, SF Giants, and enjoy watching virtually any type of athletic event or competition, including SYTYCD (which I suppose is a TV show…)

~ Stories from my college years and what I learned from them!

Please enjoy reading! If you want to follow me or subscribe, I can be found on Twitter @AtticChatter or you can schedule yourself for email alerts on new posts!

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