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45 Things to do as a Badger before you Graduate

Chatter Commencing.

As a Badger on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, you are going to have the opportunities to do a ridiculous amount of awesome things. I spent my early years compiling this list, and have been crossing things off as build lifelong memories. So, here is my Bucket List… Check it out Badgers!

Pre-Graduation Bucket List Stats for Mr. Jackson Street
*** – Accomplished (40/45 – 89% about my GPA… HA!)

1. Jump around *** ~ I know that sports might not be your thing, but it’s seriously an insane experience to feel an entire stadium shake as 70,000 people jump up and down to house of pain.


Tray Sledding!

2. Win an Intramural Championship *** ~ There are intramurals of all sorts, so get out there and be active! I highly suggest Dodgeball!

3. Go Tray Sledding *** ~ There is nothing like stealing some lunch trays, trekking over to the Liz Waters hill, and sliding on your tush and tray. It’s a blast, and a must for everyone before graduation.

4. Get a shout out in the paper ~ I never accomplished this task, but it’s not the easiest of feats. :/

5. Ace a Final Exam ***

6. Stay for a 5th quarter ***

7. Late-night Ian’s *** ~ Stuffing ones face with Ian’s after waiting a half hour in the post-bar-close line is a rite of passage for Badgers. This delicious za is just what you need, and if you pay cash, they’ll be tossing a cool 50-cent-piece your direction.

8. Celebrate a birthday at the Nitty *** ~ On the right is my favorite lady, Miss Kelly Gaines, on her birthday, balloon still intact!

9. Study abroad ***

picollo pete

Tom Ryan in his traditional Orange garb!

10. Spend a summer in Madison ***

11. Sit down and listen to the masterful piccolo player outside the University Bookstore *** ~ His name is Tom Ryan, and on this campus, he’s just the best musician on State Street. Take 20 minutes sometime and sit down to listen to him go to town… It’s relaxing and it helped me make a big life decision.

12. Travel out to Picnic Point

13. Drink a fishbowl at Wando’s ***

14. Get all dressed up for Freakfest shenanigans ***

15. Take a picture with Bucky Badger *** ~ This was the very first thing I did as a student, somehow managing to run into a Bucky on the first night in town. I was none-the-less head over heels with both him and the university after just an evening, as shown by my complete desire to land in his arms!

16. Take a Ballroom Dance Class ***

17. Become a Jersey Chaser for a Night*** ~ Yes, I chased lots of the volleyball setters and defensive specialists, but I snagged my Badger Jersey as a sophomore from a lucky someone who shall remain unnamed.

18. Pregame a Badger game with your parents *** ~ I had the honor of showing my parents all about Badger drinking, and it was hilarious to watch my dad play flip cup… and dominate at it in the process. #OneFlipWonder

19. Go to the Farmer’s market ***

20. Pull an all-nighter in College Library ***

21. Kiss the Moose at Brats ***

22. Drink a boot at the Essen Haus (how I haven’t as a part of EZT, I’ll never know.)

23. Road Trip to the Ocean *** ~ I know this is a lifer thing, but road-tripping with college friends is another thing. Check out my rules here.


Everyone should body-paint like these studs!

24. Visit the UW-Arboretum ***

25. Lie on the 50 yard line in Camp Randall ***

26. Crack an 8 a.m. beer for Mifflin Festivities ***

27. Borrow a Union chair *** ~ For this full story, which includes items #33 and #44, pay attention next week!

28. Sit on Abe’s lap ***

29. Sing at the Karaoke Kid ***

30. Body Paint for a sporting event ***

31. Storm the Court *** ~ I actually got to do this twice… Once against Duke in basketball, the best hoops game I’ve ever been to. And again against the then Ohio State Buckeyes. A game that will go down as the best sporting event I’ll ever attend (most likely). On that particular occasion, I found myself on the goalpost in the middle of the celebrations.

32. Have (multiple) pitchers at the terrace ***

33. Skinny Dip in Mendota ***

34. Eat Breakfast at Mickey’s Dairy Bar *** ~ Mickey’s on a gameday is the experience every post-grad Badger needs to have. It’s the mecca for Wisconsin fans, and the food could not be better.

35. Bar Crawl ***

36. Interrupt a Campus Tour ***

The Harry Potter Series in One Lecture

The Harry Potter Series in One Lecture

37. Play kegball ***

38. Leave some graffiti somewhere in Memorial/College Lib *** ~ On my last day of class ever, we had a guest speaker and I decided to leave my mark on the University. It took the entire power lecture, but I got a pretty decent summary of the Harry Potter series written on my desk. (For a readable version, click here.

39. Go boating/kayaking/sailing on Mendota Lake and view the campus from the water (still hoping to find someone with a boat).

40. Visit the Henry Vilas Zoo ***

41. Play in the Library Mall fountain (the damn thing has been under renovations for the last 4 years… I may never check this one off…)

42. Watch a sunrise on the lake ***

43. Go to a concert on the Capitol Square ***

44. Streak Down State Street ***

45. Graduate! *** ~ I made it! It took 4 1/2 years, but I could not have had more fun. I almost didn’t choose Madison, but in the end, I found the perfect school for me.

Closing Chatter.

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