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Twelve Books I’m Reading at 24.

Chatter Commencing.

One of my goals for this year was to finish a book a month. I used to read all the time, but in college, it slipped away as I was constantly reading for classes, and wanted nothing to do with more words. I’m getting back into it, and as a goal, I’m going to finish a book a month.

Only the Innocent, Rachel Abbott. ~ First book of the year was actually a book I started before my birthday, but had been reading for several months. I was trying to figure out what was happening, and honestly, I only read a chapter at a time. The book is a realistic thriller surrounding the death of the great philanthropist, Hugo Fletcher, which follows a pair of thrilling protagonists. Tom Douglas is a detective, and powerful and aggressive team knows from the get go that the killer is a woman. The other piece centers around Laura Fletcher, the wife of the famed deceased. The thriller touches on some very sensitive topics, and I wouldn’t suggest it to a younger audience. But if you want a thrilling roller coaster ride that illuminates a difficult situation, give it a gander. It’s easy to find on Amazon.

Marked, Kim Richardson. ~ For my November book, I went with the first of a fantasy series. Marked is the first novel in the “Soul Guardians” series, a free book for Kindles right now. For me, a fantasy series needs to hook me early. This one did that. The snarky, klutzy but fierce protagonist, 16-year-old Kara Nightingale, is rushing to the most important meeting of her young life when she’s whisked away to a new land. She teams up with a cliched male lead to battle demons, described quite grotesquely. Honestly, was a tad startling at first. Anyway, as the first of a longer series, Kara learns quite a bit throughout the novel, ultimately surviving a battle with several Higher Demons. If you’re looking for a new fantasy ride, this might be the path. IF you’re hesitant, wait until I release information about the second book, Elemental, which I plan on devouring over the holiday season, cozied up by the fire.

Other Books to Read this Year…

I am just starting An unEnchanted Fairy Tale, so I can’t let you know about it yet. It has started strongly, with an average girl, saving the life of the BMOC. But he’s mysterious, and she’s scared… That’s all I know so far. Needless to say, my interest has been piqued.

First, I want to read Matthew Berry‘s book, Fantasy LifeI love his podcast with Nate RavitzPod Vader, and Stephania Bell. It’s got a lot of insightful fantasy football advice, as well as fun humor, and has led me to playoff births in all 3 leagues and a pair of first round byes. In general, I really feel for Pod, who like me, is constantly mocked but always rises up against it with a perfectly timed Groin Drop. However, I would love nothing more than to crush him in next year’s Man’s League. P.S. I love that the 06010 loves Taylor Swift.

Several books that have been suggested and are considered for the remaining  months are:  Donna Tartt ~ The Secret History; Christopher Hitchens ~  Letters to a Young Contrarian; Tina Fey’s best seller, Bossypantsand the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic, The Great Gatsby.

Fey’s book is probably tops of that list. I also want to read Colbert’s book. But both of those are things I’d love to listen to instead.

Anyway. If you read this whole thing.. you’re definitely a Hermione.

Closing Chatter.

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