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Six Words You Need to Know

Chatter Commencing.

Obviously I’m a writer. I have a blog. I am currently putting words onto the page. I’m definitely don’t have logolepsy, but I am a big supporter of the written word. And because of this, I have a bit of a word fetish. Certain words, when dropped into a conversation, make me pause and glance at the speaker with a coy smile. Bonus points are thrown about wildly.

Okay, so maybe I’m getting a little too far ahead of myself with all the glory and bonus points. But seriously, some of these bad boys are like little orgasmic bursts when you read them in a sentence. Anywho, check them out!


Tzuris, (noun) – a very aggragated and woeful feeling of sadnessElla sat feeling nothing but tzuris, silently tearing apart the bouquet of flowers she’d received from John the night before they broke up. Not only is tzuris a beautiful sounding word, but it’s also exquisitely formed. Bonus? It is a sneaky good play for scrabble, because the rest of the letters are pretty darn common.

Wifty, (adj.) – a form of flaky that describes a person who always thinks that the grass is greener at the other party. Brian is a wifty fuck. He was with me all night until Barney suggested foxy boxing, and then bam, gone. This word is a favorite because it’s definitive of my personality. I’m always bouncing around locations, especially when drinking, and I’ve often been classified as wifty by my friends.

Eccentric, (adj.) – the interesting combination of craziness and intelligence that makes you stop and think, hmmm, that’s strange. He’s an eccentric young chap with all of his customized gizmos and gadgets. Well, you’ll see what I mean when you meet him. I don’t think I need to explain why this word is amazing. Like wifty and a couple other words on this list, it’s a primary describer of my personality, and for that reason, I love it.

Ineffable, (adj.) – indescribable with words. Sometimes I see a woman, and even I, the writer of writers, stand in awe at the ineffable wonder. As a word that contradicts itself, it is a natural favorite. I’m a big fan of playing devil’s advocate, and for me this word is the devil’s advocate of words. It is also quite useful, because one typically busts it out when there no other words come to mind.

Quixotic, (adj.) – overly idealistic in the face of troubling life situations. Mom, I know I’m being quixotic, but I will eventually find a job that pays well, challenges me, and makes me happy. I’ve always lived as a quixotic soul, and the above sentence was more than just an example. It’s a fact. I will find that awesome job, and I won’t stop being idealistic about my expectations.

Callipygous, (adj.) – having a beautifully shaped tush. My hometown bff Jen is undeniably sexy; mostly because she’s the most callipygous woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. As an ass man (like Mr. Tribiani) I am drawn to this word. It is as wondrously constructed as the booties it describes.

Anyway, I love words. As I discover other new gems, I’ll try to let y’all know.

Closing Chatter.

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